Estate planning

Take control of what will happen with your assets after death, or if you become incapable of looking after your own affairs. ​

Retain your family's wealth by assigning it to nominated beneficiaries efficiently and effectively.

Plan ahead to make sure the future is financially secure for yourself and those close to you. Consider the personal and financial situation of each beneficiary to determine the best way to provide the estate without unfairly affecting the beneficiary’s current situation.

We work with our clients to help them:

A good estate plan will consider your pension and power of attorney, and those held only in your name or joint assets, assest held in private companies or trusts. 

It should include careful planning and recording of your wishes to ensure that the right assets are transferred to the right people at the right time.

Generally, we work closely with tax and/or legal advisers to ensure that your current and future needs and goals are achieved. Wills have very specific requirements which need to be met in order to be fully acknowledged. 

It is important to receive the best advice for Estate Planning and Withani are here to assist every step of the way without taking shortcuts. 

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